Ring Workshop Testimonials
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Here are a few customers' comments!

"I wanted to share with you on how overwhelmed with joy I am with my beautiful ring. I wanted to personally thank you for providing Darrin with such a great experience that enabled him to express and create a unique engagement ring for what our love stands for. Can't wait to get started on our wedding rings. Once again thank you for your kindness, professionalism and honesty."

-Debbie & Darrin, NYC       

"Just wanted to take a sec and thank you again for the class yesterday. It really was awesome. I posted the pictures for our families to check out and it literally made my mom cry to see her grandmothers ring all cleaned up and then a part of mine (in a good way don't worry). She wants to convince my dad to do a class with her for their anniversary."

-Dan, NYC       

"Sam we are so glad you offer this one of a kind class. Neither of us are super traditional and we wanted an alternative to the generic rings most jewelry stores offer. Now-because of your workshop - not only do we have unique hand made rings, but we also have great memories that will last forever. Thank you for offering this option and keep up the good work!"

-Agata & Paul, NY        

"We just wanted to thank you for the amazing workshop you led us through. It was hard work, but soooo rewarding! We have to admit, midway through, we were a tad nervous the rings wouldn't turn looking professional and smooth like one would get in a store, but, sure enough, we buffed the [Hades] out of them and they are smooth as a baby's bottom."

-Wendy & Jon, CA        

"The workshop was amazing. Lisa and I had a great time, and everyone's been blown away by the pics. It was definitely the most fun we've had during the wedding planning process."

-Tucker & Lisa, MA       

"She was blown away by the evening and especially by the ring. She thinks it is amazing; thanks so much for all your help and guidance in making it. And it fits perfectly; a little tiny bit loose on the finger, but only barely passes over the knuckle so it couldn't be any smaller.

Also, she's pretty excited about the possibility of making each other's wedding rings, so depending on our wedding budget we might well be back in touch with you soon enough :)"

-Matt, VA        

"Just wanted to let you know that she said YES. I did it up on the mountain while we were snowboarding. Its fits perfectly and she is totally head over heels about it."

-Mike, NYC        

"He LOVES it.
It is the most beautiful ring I (and he) have seen and I feel so amazing to have had this experience of making it with my own hands! Thank you does not begin to describe what I feel-"

-Laura, NYC        

"I proposed on New Year's Day and Lilian said yes. She absolutely loves the ring and all of our friends are amazed by the effort and how gorgeous it is.

It might sound like a silly request but during my research it appears that rings often have names. If you have occasion to do so we would very much like it if you named the style for Lilian's engagement ring "The Lilian." I think it'll make what is a magnificent engagement for us even more special!

Thanks again Sam. I can't tell you how happy we are right now and it would not have happened without you."

-Kevin, NYC        

"She loves the ring, as do all of her friends. Thanks again for helping me make something that is genuinely special to her."

-Kevin, MI        

"She loves the ring and is bragging to everyone about how I made it. And she is definitely on board with making the wedding rings."

-Jason, NJ        

"I proposed on Saturday and she said yes!! She absolutely loves the ring and loves telling the story of how I made it for her. After I proposed, I showed her all of the pictures that you took and told her all about the whole process.

Thank you for taking all of the pictures and giving me copies of them...they came out great and have been fun to share with everyone. I think that the ring has impressed everyone. They just can't get over that I actually made it. It means the world to Diane that i put so much effort into the ring. Your help in making this ring has helped to make Diane and my engagement so special and I am very, very thankful. I am so grateful to you for all of your help.

Thank you again for all of your help. I really appreciate all that you did to make this idea a reality."

-Greg, PA        

"The ring, just to let you know, is a huge success!!! Joseph loves it, it looks as great and perfectly fitting on his finger as I expected it to be (even better:)))) Thank you so very much for your help with this special piece of jewelry! Much appreciated and now it is in the right place:)))

-Olga, NYC        

"We had a fantastic time and are enjoying looking at our shiny new toys. Thanks so much for a really amazing experience. We still can't believe two rods of silver metal became these cool rings with only your expertise and 9 hours of work. We'll definitely recommend you to other marrieds to be."

-Sean & Kris, NJ        

"Thank you for your expert help and advice yesterday. We are so happy with our rings."

-Rawan, NYC        

"She loved the ring and the personalized touches you helped me give it such as the extra low setting and thinned band!

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for all your help. You really went above and beyond the call of duty: answering all my questions, helping me source the diamond, staying late into the night and the next day to help me as I ran overtime making the ring. Thank you. I enjoyed the process and it really means a lot to me to have been able to make the ring, thanks for enabling this. Your workshop is pretty much the only way I could have done this."

-S, VA        

"Thank you very much for helping us make our wedding rings this past Saturday! It was such a special day and one that I'm sure we'll remember forever. The rings are beautiful and we can't wait to wear them!"

-Sara & Howard, MA        

"I wanted to clearly state how much of a difference your class has made for me personally. It was such a great experience and I will never forget it. I am sure there are hundreds of other people that you help in your job that would say the same.

When I left your shop that night in December - I had quite an adventure getting home and bringing the ring to my girlfriend in North Carolina. Just as I planned, I showed up at a bakery about 15 minutes before her and a friend. I came out from the kitchen with my ring on top of a red-velvet cupcake. It was a memorable experience and your shop was a big part of that journey for me.

I am including a link to a video I made reviewing your shop. I am very grateful for your help and the service you provided - I can only hope that this short little video gives back in some way.

video review:

Thank you again. My fiancé absolutely loves the ring - and totally wants to come back to make our wedding rings."

-Jonathan, NYC        

"Just wanted to say a big thanks once again from us. We had such a great time and are absolutely over the moon with our rings! We almost want to just head down to City Hall and get married now so we can wear them already :)"

-Matt & Sonali, NYC        

"Thanks again for all your help, Sam! We love our rings, and we're so glad we did this! I posted a TON of pictures from the day on Facebook. People had no idea that you could make your own wedding rings. :)"

-Jess & Dan, NYC        

"Thanks again for your expertise & patience, we had a great day with you & we love our rings!!!"

-Jess & Ralph, SF        

"I asked about a month ago, and she said yes! She's been bragging to her friends about the ring too. I have to say, it feels pretty good."

-Pete, CA        

"Hello Sam! We made our wedding rings with you three years ago and we still absolutely love them. Making the rings - both mokume - was definitely one of the
best parts of our wedding."

-Christine & Jeff, MD        

"We still reminisce about our day spent making our rings, and I love mine more every day!"

-Heather, NYC        

"We absolutely loved our time with Sam and couldn't be happier with how the rings turned out. We can't wait to put them on at our wedding on Friday!"

-Jen & Jeremy, NJ        

"We looked over our album of pictures from the workshop today, and were so pleased to revisit our fun, rewarding, hectic 36 hours with you. We're thinking about printing a booklet of photos from the workshops and sharing them with our family at the wedding."

-Ben & Meghan, MD       

"We had a great time working with you this weekend. Thank you so much for the great conversations and your endless patience. We love our one-of-a-kind rings and would recommend your workshop in a heartbeat!"

-Zach & Aimee, CO        

"Thanks SO much for the amazing workshop, company and rings!!"

-Lisa & Chad, Calgary        

"She loves the ring, and the engagement has been a big success!"

-Nick, PA        

"Thank you again so much for everything you did for us last Monday. We had an amazing experience truly and are absolutely thrilled with the rings you helped us make! If you ever need a recommendation or referral please feel free to forward my information along and we will be sure to mention your name every time someone asks about our rings. Thank you thank you and best of luck with everything."

-Andy & Leslie, NYC        

"I had in mind a very special thing, I thought I should make an engagement ring. It was amazing to me how Sam could take my not knowing anything about making jewelry to the level of creating such a beautiful ring in less than two days. His skills and knowledge not just about making jewelry but guiding someone to success are superior. I had a wonderful time and am very happy with the outcome of the engagement ring I was able to make myself. "

-Martin, Austria        

"I proposed Wednesday night and it went over quite well. :-) Afterwards, I showed her the pictures; her reaction: "You MADE the ring?! Oh My God!"

In any case, my heartfelt thanks for an amazing experience and providing me a unique way of showing my fiancée how much I love her. It is most definitely a fact and memory we will both cherish for a long time to come. :-)"

-Prashant, MD        

"I am back from Japan and my wedding was awesome. People love the rings!!"

-Kenjiro, NY        

"It really was such a pleasure to take part in the workshop and both Sarah and I really enjoyed your company - the workshop was everything we could ever have hoped for and more! Of all the days we spent in the US on our recent round the world odyssey the day we spent with you was easily the best! I could go on and on... Thank you a thousand times. We love our rings so much and sharing the story of how they came to be has provoked some major fits of jealousy amongst friends who now wish they had thought to make their own rings. We'll be dining out for years on this story and wearing "our" rings with a real sense of ownership and pride."

-Steve & Sarah, Perth        

"Thank you for working us into your schedule and for the workshop on Sunday.  We had a great time and it was definitely a wonderful, meaningful, once in a lifetime experience.   We were  worried about making rings from scratch and how they would turn out but thanks to you and your infinite patience we ended up with absolutely beautiful rings!  It was one of the best decisions we ever made. Thanks again!"

-Hiro & Chisako, NYC        

"I just wanted to thank you!  Helen and I had an amazing two days, and it was worth every minute (and every cent).  We have been so unbelievably busy for the last few months, so a part of me thought it was a crazy idea to spend two days on something that we didn't really have to spend any time on, but in reality the experience was very grounding and calming, to be so intimately involved in the process that went into making our rings that will be with us for the rest of our lives.  We wouldn't have done it any other way. Thank you so much for the experience and all of your guidance and patience."

-Keely & Helen, NYC        

"Just wanted to follow up and thank you for our beautiful wedding rings. We loved making them - and love wearing them even more!"

-Mary Kate & Patrick, NJ        

"Thank you for giving workshop for us last weekend. We both enjoyed that very much. The rings and the experience of making wedding ring with you will be our treasure!! Thank you for putting a lot of your energies for us. Well, I wrote about the experience of making rings on my blog. I tried to write in English so that you also can read that. :) "

-Hauru & Kenjiro, NJ        

"People go BANANAS when they find out that we made the rings ourselves. Hope you are well and thanks again for the opportunity to do something so cool and special."

-Shawn & Rica, NY        

"Thank you for an amazing experience. Matthew looks at the rings every day. People can't believe we made them. I can't believe we made them!  Anyway, we're recommending you like crazy."

-Lauren & Matthew, NY        

"Just wanted to let you know she said YES! She loves the ring. She was blown away by the story and pictures from the workshop and wants to make our wedding bands. Thanks again for an unforgettable experience"

-Kevin, IN        

"I just wanted to thank you for your incredible service.  I asked Meg last Sunday evening and she said YES!  She loves the ring and it fits perfectly.  I really enjoyed our time together and I can't thank you enough for providing me with the opportunity to build my own engagement ring."

-Brent, VA        

I will just add my thanks - my mom hasn't even seen the pictures yet and she thinks the experience was so cool she's thinking about seeing if dad would be interested.  I had a great time - you are amazing at what you do, not only your teaching skills and artistry but just a generally cool, laid-back, fun to hang out with guy - for an incredible 13 straight hours with total strangers :D"

-Adrian & LiErin, NJ        

"Randall and I keep talking about how enjoyable and meaningful it was for us to make our wedding rings with you. Last Sunday was such a wonderful day! We’ve been telling all our friends about it as well, so we thought we should tell you too. Thank you!"

-Diane & Randall, NYC        

"I gave my fiance the ring. Her reaction was priceless and I will remember it forever. I finally had an explanation as to why the ring took so long. She loves it and now she wants to do our wedding bands with you. Thank you so much for everything!"

-Dave, NJ        

"I was unable to hold on to the ring for very long. . . She said yes, and absolutely loved the ring. What's more, it fit perfectly. Sam, all of this could not have gone better, and I have you to thank for so much of it. I, and my fiance, appreciate more than you can know what you do. Thanks for the opportunity to do something so special for the woman I love."

-Evan, DC        

"Many people personalize the details of their weddings, but Sam provides a unique opportunity to personalize the physical symbols of marriage that one carries. It was wonderful to help fabricate engagement and wedding rings with our own hands. Sam is not only an expert metal-smith and jeweler, but also a careful, patient and very friendly teacher. He clearly enjoys and takes great pride in his work, and he will go to great efforts to make sure that your rings turn out beautifully. We could not possibly have been happier with the experience."

-Carey & Katharina, NJ        

"We had an amazing time with you on Sunday. You were completely professional, competent and fun to be around for 8 hours.  We are SO happy with the way the rings turned out... I keep taking them out of the safe just to look at them.  They are gorgeous, and we are so happy we made them with you!"

-Ashley & Brett, NYC        

"Making rings with Sam at New York Wedding Ring was an incredible experience that my fiancé and I will never forget.  Sam is exceptionally gifted in his ability to coach others to make exquisite rings.  I was very apprehensive about how the band would look – I have never made real jewelry and couldn’t envision making the ring I had in my head.  Sam took a lot of time to understand exactly what it was that Brian and I wanted and his patience and incredible instruction brought our vision into perfect reality.  Our rings were beautiful, beyond even our dreams.  Sam is tireless in his devotion to his clients and, despite having returned from Africa just 1 day prior to our workshop, he still had unbounded energy and enthusiasm for his craft.  The entire experience was a true joy and we thank Sam for making it possible."

-Mariah & Brian, MA        

"My fiance made my beautiful engagement ring with Sam, and we both just went to make our wedding rings. They're beautiful, and we had such a great day making them together! How much more personal can a ring get than if you make it with your own hands, after all? Sam is so patient and gives you an education while you work so you'll fully understand and appreciate the process. I had no idea whatsoever of what I was doing when we walked in, but at the end of the day I'd made a gorgeous ring and knew so much more about the science of precious metals! Sam's also very open to using recycled metals, cultured diamonds, etc to help lessen your wedding's effect on the environment. All aces, in my book. Go for it!"

-Brian & Alicia, NYC        

"Thank you so much for our workshop experience last weekend. We are totally blown away by the quality of the rings we made - and it's so cool to have such personal and intimate input into this part of the wedding.

-Christine & Adrian, NYC        

"A great big thank you to Sam! We have ended up with two beautiful and very unique rings which we love. Sam was lovely to work with and he has the patience of a saint!! Thank you!"

-Eilidh & Dave, NYC        

"I'm still in awe of the quality of the finished product! Sam was extremely patient and fixed some problems that we thought were unfixable. I only wish there were more workshops like this."

-Brian & Melinda, VA        


"...we're alternately sorting through the photos of the last three days and grinning like idiots at the sparkly rings."

-Laura & Ted, Latvia        

"I am pleased to announce a successful proposal! The engagement ring I made in your workshop seems to have swept my lady of her feet as she was almost brought to tears!"

-Brian, NYC        

"The mokume engagement ring was a big hit! Thanks again!"

-Tom, NYC        

"We made our rings at Sam's warm workshop on a cold December day. The experience was amazing, and worth every penny. Sam VERY patiently guided us through each step of the process, and then let us loose. We did everything (sometimes not perfectly), and Sam was there to fix all of our mistakes. If marriage is a process, why shouldn't making the ring be one, too? I am proud to wear the ring that my partner and I made!! Oh yeah...Sam played great music and sent us home with tons of digital photos from the day!"

-KC & Devon, NYC         

"Sam, the jeweler, is probably the nicest guy you'll ever meet. Very knowledgeable about the making process and the environmental impacts of his work. You can tell he really likes his job and takes the time to do it right. We rarely felt overwhelmed while making our rings and when we did he was there to make sure it was done right. My wife and I had a tight budget with our wedding and making our rings put us a little over budget but it is totally worth sacrificing some flowers (or whatever) for this wonderful experience. It was also great to retreat for a full day away from wedding planning to do something together. During our wedding, we got many complements on our rings for the professional look and our DYI attitude."

-Kevin & Renee, NYC         

"We're back from Paris, she is IN LOVE with the ring! It couldn't be more perfect. She wants to meet you and thank you in person. We want to take you out to dinner. Sushi?"

-Julia, NYC        

"Making the ring was an amazing experience and I really can't imagine having just bought a ring now that I've done it. Sam and Adam were very knowledgeable and really helped my vision come to fruition. Using ethically sourced materials was really important to me and they had great suggestions on how to get such materials! Thanks!"

-Scott, DC        

"One of the best decisions we made in preparation for getting married was to spend a day with Sam Abbay making our own wedding bands. Sam was helpful in in all stages of the process from choosing our precious metal to sizing, shaping, soldering and polishing. His guidance was clear and informative and his patience provided us with the comfort and confidence to succeed. The process was educational, creative, and fun -- and most importantly, it was something we were able to make together.

We are grateful to Sam for helping us achieve something so special. Being able to make our own rings has given us the perfect personal and everlasting touch we were looking for."

-Mindy & Eric, NYC        

"Thanks again Sam, the whole experience really exceeded my expectations, and it was such a joy to see Erik creating his ring, We both had a great time! "

-Cindy & Erik, NYC        

"I was very happy with the experience of the workshop, I am thrilled with the results of the finished rings, and so is my partner. All the best in bringing the same to many more couples."

-Yvette, New Zealand        

"The day was great - relaxed and stress-free. Sam helped us through every step, and when we needed help, he would jump in. Making our own rings means so much more to us than anything store-bought. We are so glad we found Sam and recommend him to anyone interested regardless of skill level. Thanks again!"

-Allegra & Dave, SF        

"My experience working in this jewelry workshop was exceptional. Every step of this process was interesting and exciting to me. . . from picking out the metals to buffing up a mirror-y shine. The anecdotes both jewelry related and otherwise were funny and informative. The process was clear and accessible and tools were beautiful. I walked in the studio having never worked with metal before in my life but with a clear vision of my desired pieces and left with exactly what I had carried in my mind's eye. That is an amazing testament to the quality of the instruction and the studio space."

-Lari & Andy, SF        

"My fiancée and I had a lot of fun making two wedding bands and an engagement ring. We didn't really know what to expect when we saw the box of raw materials that we had ordered (it didn't look like it would amount to much at the time), but we were excited to watch things take shape through the day. We couldn't be happier with our rings; we got just what we wanted, and we made them ourselves! Sam was very helpful, fixing our mistakes, and teaching us how to avoid others. He is extraordinarily patient! When we talked to Sam about the materials we wanted to use, he told us the metals would be a bit hard to work with, but encouraged us to make the rings we wanted, out of the materials we wanted, and with the setting we wanted. With his support, we did just that, and we love them!"

-John & Kirsten, AZ        

UPDATE: "It's been four and a half years since we made our rings in your SF workshop (Thanksgiving '05) - my engagement ring is the princess diamond ring [that used to be] pictured on your website. We love our rings! They turned out better than we had imagined and are a unique and beautiful symbol of our love and teamwork. I still receive compliments on them. Thank you for suggesting palladium for the wedding bands. The white white of palladium next the dark white of the platinum engagement ring is a real neat and subtle play of light. Recently a good friend got engaged and booked a workshop at your SF site. For fun I was revisiting your website. The pictures reminded me just how cool of a time we had with you. I would love to do it again sometime! Thank you!"

-John & Kirsten, AZ        

"Thanks yet again for the awesome workshop!"

-Rich, PA        

"Overall our experience will stay with us for a lifetime and this was also an opportunity of a lifetime to create these meaningful symbols of our relationship. We will always remember when we look at our rings that WE had made them! We are truly thankful that we both had the opportunity to participate in a wonderful experience!"

-Tyler & Julie, SF        

"Sam helped me to make my engagement ring and I didn't really know what to expect having never even thought of making jewelry before. I told him my idea and he lead me though the process step by step, from buying the materials to completion of the ring. He told me how to do it with examples and brief demonstrations, but essentially, I made the ring myself. At the end of the day I had made a beautiful ring!"

-Zach, SF        

"I love it because it's beautiful and I love it because you made it."

-my girlfriend        

"I'm verklempt!"

-Sam Abbay        


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