Diamonds & Gemstones

Buying a diamond can be daunting for first-time consumers. This is why I prefer to source diamonds and gemstones for my customers. My industry experience allows me to choose the best gemstone for clients' needs and budgets. I purchase all my diamonds at wholesale prices and use eco-friendly sources when possible.

If you are not sure yet what you are looking for, I recommend as your first step to set a budget range. Beautiful diamonds and engagement rings come in all prices, and it will be easier to narrow down the choices with a budget.

If you have not yet learned about the "four c's," don't bother. It does not take long for me to find out what kind of diamond will be best for your budget and taste, and (unless you have already looked at many diamonds in person) reading about diamonds online is boring. Nor is it that helpful when buying diamonds in person.

Much more important is the kind of diamond or gemstone you buy. I sell natural diamonds in many shapes, eco-friendly repurposed diamonds, antique diamonds, cultured diamonds, Canadian diamonds, as well as natural & lab-created diamond alternatives such as sapphire, ruby, emerald, and moissanite.

Outside Gemstones:
I do not require that you purchase a stone from me. I am happy to help you build a ring around a family heirloom or gemstone sourced elsewhere. I charge a fee to clients who bring in outside gemstones.

My job - and yours if you set your own stone - is much easier when you make an informed purchase. The factors that go into that decision do not always have to do with what you will read about as a consumer. If you intend to purchase a diamond elsewhere, please follow the "buying diamonds" link below.