Diamonds & Gemstones

Buying a diamond can be daunting. This is why I prefer to source diamonds and gemstones for my customers. I purchase from reliable &/or eco-friendly sources when possible. I do not, however, require that you purchase a stone from me. I am happy to help you build a ring around a family heirloom or gemstone sourced elsewhere.

My job - and yours while you set your own stone - is much easier when you make an informed purchase. The factors that go into that decision do not always have to do with what you will read about as a consumer. If you intend to purchase a diamond elsewhere, please follow the "buying diamonds" link below.

Purchasing through me:

If you are not sure yet what you are looking for, I recommend as your first step to set a budget range. Beautiful engagement rings come in all prices, and it will be easier to narrow down the choices with a budget.

Cultured diamonds are my favorite gemstone to set in engagement rings and have become available in gemstone quality only in the past few years. An eco-friendly, conflict-free alternative to a natural diamond, lab-created diamonds are available in blue, white, yellow, and pink. As of July, 2011, cultured diamonds are in short supply and usually cost more than natural white diamond. Natural colored diamonds are extremely expensive. I have relatively reliable sources for blue cultured diamonds.

Many of my customers prefer white natural diamonds. When possible, I source diamonds repurposed from other jewelry. When those are unavailable, I purchase conflict-free diamonds from a large, reliable wholesaler.

For those who are not interested in a diamond center stone, there are a great number of beautiful gemstones we can use. I can obtain high quality natural or lab-grown sapphire, ruby, alexandrite, or emerald as well as a number of other gemstones.